“Rootbeer amps are my sketchbook dreams turned rock n’roll machines.”

Learning to solder and the basics of electronics was like learning a new instrument. It broke down the “fourth wall”, and allowed me to control the sound, construction, and aesthetic of my amps and pedals. To put it lightly, I was hooked – and still am.

I’ve played and repaired most vintage, boutique, and modern mass-produced amps, and I’ve seen first-hand what works, what lasts, and what sounds great to my ears.

I’ve also seen how modern, profit-hungry and short-sighted measures like circuit-board-mounted jacks and tube sockets, ribbon cables, half-soldered connections, and “just enough to get by” rated resistors and components ensure the amp spends more time in the repair shop than on the stage.

This glaring lack of sustainability and quality fuels Rootbeer Audio. Instead of doing it cheaply and quickly, I overbuild, obsess over the smaller details, and use the highest quality components, techniques, and craftsmanship possible. Every amp and pedal that comes out of my shop has been thoroughly tested, poked, prodded, and played with.

I’m not just repackaging classic amps and calling them my own, but rather carefully interpreting and preserving the circuits of the past, while evolving them for the present and the future. 

Thank you for taking the time to check out Rootbeer Audio, and I hope you’ll give one of my amps a try and see the difference for yourself.

 - Matt Manhire - owner/designer/builder of Rootbeer Audio

"Amping up the sounds of yore" - a Philadelphia Inquirer article showcasing Rootbeer Audio