Rootbeer Audio provides honest repair, modification, & restoration services for vintage, boutique, & (most) modern tube-amplifiers. Other "quality" (boutique, made in the USA, not a $30 pedal) solid-state devices and amplifiers might be in our wheelhouse; get in touch.

Shop rate is $80/hour with a $50 minimum.

I offer on-site emergency repairs for bands / venues / studios in Philadelphia. For emergency amp repairs text (908)-892-2329.

I also accept work from anywhere in the U.S! Get in touch to discuss shipping your amp, or analog device!

A short-list of services:

  • General tube-amp repairs: retube, bias, cap-jobs, and all other repairs

  • Tube-testing

  • Speaker replacement, repair, and reconing

  • Modifications ranging from large, to subtle tweaks.

  • Complete (and light) restorations

  • Tolex and grill-cloth repair or replacement

  • Custom amplifier designing and kit-building (kit building is based on manufacturer’s hours-to-complete estimate multiplied by my hourly rate)

We offer delivery services for amp pickups / drop-offs. Get in touch for an estimate!

I took down my list of name-dropping-worthy bands and musicians. If you want a list of references, feel free to get in touch and ask, “what’s the BIGGEST band you’ve done work for?” But below are some reviews…….

"... thanks for the patient and expert work - the amp has never sounded better in the time I've had it." – Michael Kay

“Aside from making my 1977 Fender Super Reverb sing again, Matt also took the time to go over and confirm the mods that were done to this amp by the previous owner. Matt is a skilled tech who knows what he is talking about and a really great guy to work with.” – Jeff White

“I was wary about trusting my vintage amp with someone but it needed to be cleaned and repaired. I brought it to Matt and couldn’t have had a better experience. Great communication, very affordable rates, and quick turnaround. I can’t recommend him enough.” – Jesse Gimbel

"Can't even begin to tell you how happy I am with the JMP (Marshall). Incredible job man! Thanks a million!!" - Greg Barnett (The Menzingers)

"Matt modded my Fender CVR, and did a tune up on my old Oliver B-120.  Both sound much better now.  It's nice to meet someone who loves what he's doing and does it well." – George Carbone

"Amps sounds great; Bandmaster sings!" - David Otwell

"For acoustic players who also play "electric," I recently had an old tube amp (Fender Tremolux) repaired by a very capable and honest repairman in Philadelphia. He specializes in Vintage Tube Amp Repairs and Pro-Audio Repairs, Modifications and Restorations. My dying amp now sounds better than ever, and the cost was very, very reasonable. Check out and/or email  It's nice to catch somebody doing something right; I thought I'd pass this info along." - Bob Guthrie

“My circa 1950 Valco amp was in sad shape. I decided to get it to an expert and I chose the right one.  Most helpful, communicative and professional electronics guy I’ve ever dealt with.  Choose Rootbeer Audio, you won’t be sorry.” – Tony Ryan

Ampeg B15N