The PUSHERMAN stems from my early years of teaching electronics and listening to Curtis Mayfield. Adhering to a less-is-more philosophy –and because I only had a few parts in our classroom -- the PUSHERMAN is what happens when you try to make an LPB-1 circuit distorted and fuzzy. The result? A never-too-clean, lo-fi distortion that can be adjusted for more gain, and tight (at times almost gated) angular distorted tones. Flip the heavy-duty Carling switch for even fuzzier clipped-toneZ. Imagine playing guitar through your cassette deck with blown earbuds. It’s kinda like that but smoother.

All PUSHERMAN pedals are drilled, designed, adorned, built, soldered, and tested by Matt Manhire.

Power: use a 2.1mm center-negative 9v supply. Pedal features extra filtering (for the cheap power supplies) and diode protection (for the wrong power supplies). NO BATTERIES UNLESS CUSTOM ORDERED.

Dimensions: 4.7” x 3.7”

Buy: Check my REVERB shop, Dipinto Guitars (in store) to see what’s available, or email to order! Pedals are $130 (including S&H in the continental U.S.A.)