Throughout my experience as both a repair tech and musician, I fell in love with the American amps of the 1960’s. These amps have a full-bodied and almost “hi-fi” sound with natural-sounding cleans. Their only downside is that the larger amps are too loud to get any “dirt” or expression, and the smaller models are just not enough to compete in most gigs and rehearsal situations. I wanted to create an amp that could retain these American clean sounds, allow for smoother overdrive and compression, and offer a degree of distortion or "dirt" at any volume.

With these attributes in mind, I began designing what has become the PHILLY 20 Watt amplifier. This simple, yet versatile amplifier features:

·      Two 6V6 power tubes in a cathode bias configuration resulting in about 20 watts of power and the perfect amount of “give”, compression, and overdrive

·      All-tube spring reverb

·      Simple, but effective treble and bass controls

·      A HARMONICS boost stage which allows for distortion at lower volumes and even more overdrive at higher volumes.


The PHILLY 20 watt will be available as a head or 1x12 combo (ceramic or alnico) in your choice of hardwood or tolex-covered cabinet.

Head = $2,200 - price includes padded cover


-Ceramic - Weber 12F150B = $2,400 - price includes padded cover

-Alnico - Weber 12A150B = $2,500 - price includes padded cover