Throughout my experience as both a repair tech and musician, I fell in love with the American amps of the 1960’s. These amps have a full-bodied and almost “hi-fi” sound with natural-sounding cleans that make you want to strum the day away. Their only downside is their reluctance to overdrive. Due to the large amount of negative feedback and other "efficient" design concepts, these amps were built to stay clean. In the past, companies (and small builders) have added master volumes, variable voltages, and a plethora of creative-brain-draining knobs and toggles only to find they not only fail to achieve a great overdrive sound, but also rob the amp of it's core value: it's sincere-sounding cleans.

the solution

A revoiced, more harmonically-rich version of the classic clean circuits of the 1960's with an addition gain section (Harmonics stage) that can be easily switched in and out of the circuit. Think of it as an all-tube boost pedal hardwired into your amp. This in addition to the larger-than-life studio-grade spring reverb, and you have the ultimate gigging amp. 

This simple, yet versatile amplifier features:

  • Over-rated resistors and components - so the amp outlives you
  • F&T / Sprague capacitors for the best tone and reliability without the snakeoil
  • Footswitchable reverb and harmonics boost
  • Mercury Magnetics transformers (Made in the USA)
  • Weber Speakers (Made in the USA)

The PHILLY 20 watt is available as a head or 1x12 combo (ceramic or alnico)

Head = $2,350

Combo = $2,500 (with a ceramic Weber), $2,600 (with an alnico Weber)

-Ceramic - Weber 12F150B = $2,500

-Alnico - Weber 12A150B = $2,600

HOW TO ORDER? Send me an email ( or use the contact form. A 50% deposit (paypal) is required to start the build. Once the amp is done, the other 50% (plus shipping) is due. 

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